How to choose the best catering for all events

Useful tips for one of the most important choices when organizing events

Every time is the same old story. It happened to everyone to want (or have to) organize an event: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, everytime the choice of the right catering service is the one that creates more problems. This is because food is that fundamental detail which, when at an event, everybody inevitably remember. Were the courses varied? Were they served at the right time? Was the quantity reasonable? And what about the quality? All questions that need to be happily satisfied when organizing such things.
The reason why food is a key point in events organization is because food is linked to conviviality and aggregation from the mists of time, so it is barely possible for our minds to think of a moment of conviviality without even imagining the food involved in it. And this is why the catering service comes into play and why it is so important.The catering service can be in fact a great ally in the realization of an event, as long as we choose the right one, of course. What does then catering mean? And what to do to choose the right one?

The catering service
The word catering has english origins and it literally means the provision of food and drink at a social event or other gathering. The catering service, in fact, is precisely this: a service for preparing and supplying food and drink for all kinds of events, carried out by the so-called catering agencies, in fact. These specialized agencies are divided, depending on the counterpart they stipulate the contract with, between public and private agencies and offer various types of different services, each suitable for a specific occasion. An example of a high level catering agency is The Luxor Agency which has at its shoulders many years of specialization in catering services for the most different kinds of events. The offer of this type of agencies usually includes the services of lunch, dinner, table service, refreshments or buffet, perhaps accompanied by cocktails. In short, there is something for everyone. How to then choose the best catering agency? What aspects to note and/or take into account to make the right choice?

The catering choice: useful tips
The first thing to do when choosing the agency (and therefore the service) for catering at an event is to consider the number of participants at the event itself. Depending on the number of people invited, it is possible to direct the search to specialized agencies precisely because of the number of people wanted or requested. After all, not all agencies accept large numbers of people, just as not all agencies accept small ones. Having this said, it is therefore clear that the number of people invited to the event is certainly an important variable to take into consideration when choosing a catering agency.
Another fundamental thing, perhaps the most important of all, even more than reviews and estimates offered, is to have a first hand taste of the offered dishes as a test. If the catering agency in question does not offer a free taste of their “typical dishes” then perhaps there is a good chance that even the quality of their food is not at top. Moreover, only by personally tasting the dishes of the agency, we can thus implicitly know their philosophy and therefore understand if it is the one that suits us or not.
Finally, as is known, the eye also wants its part and small details are the ones that certainly make the difference. Like the way the table is set. It is for this reason that it is equally important, when choosing the catering agency, to note the variety of cutlery and glassware available, since this will be crucial in recreating the type of desired atmosphere.

However, the most useful advice of all is always to make a list of pros and cons by evaluating all the aspects of the selected catering agencies and choosing the one that communicates the most trust, passion and professionalism.