Viareggio and its tourism

Some infos to best enjoy this colorful city

Viareggio has tourism as its main business for ages, it is home for tourists coming from all over the world since decades now. Every year generations of tuscan and european families choose this city to relax and enjoy their well deserved vacations. An excellent holiday site storically loved by italian families which has been able to open up to the foreign markets as well demonstrating it can offer all kinds of services and facilities for a holiday worthy of the name.

The surrounding: Versilia
Viareggio is settled on the north-west coast of Tuscany. Specifically it is located in an area called Versilia, which includes the municipalities of Stazzema, Seravezza, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore e Viareggio.
This stretch of coast is characterized by an extensive sandy coastline and it has a predominantly warm climate but can be influenced by the nearby presence of the Apuan Alps. The name Versilia seems to derive from the ancient name of the present Ruosina canal, whose course whose course divides the entire area exactly in half. This small river was once called the Vessidia river, with the Vessidia word deriving from the oldest German water root: wesser / wasser.

The whole area of Versilia has a stable and rooted tourist vocation, focusing both on cultural tourism and on relaxation and entertainment. In fact, while exploring the Versilia, it’s possible to find something to do for all kinds of taste, from clubs and discos to cultural events and sites, like the city of Pietrasanta, where the best marble laboratories in all of Tuscany are concentrated.

As the cherry on top of a cake the area of Versilia is home to beautiful parks and majestic castles as well. Examples are the San Rossore and the Apuan Alps parks and the castles of the Lunigiana Valley that enrich the already enchanting landscape.

The city of Viareggio
Of all the Versilia area, Viareggio is certainly the most famous and well known city. Its name derives from the Latin Via Regis (literally “the road of the king”) in the name of a road, still existing, built in the medieval period.

Known as the “pearl of the Tyrrhenian”, Viareggio is a very elegant city characterized by a marvelous liberty promenade and by the east and west beaches, famous for their very fine sands and length.
As this wasn’t enough, Viareggio is also home of one of the most famous and beautiful italian carnivals which usually takes place every year before Easter and blows everybody’s mind with its majestic chariots.

However, Viareggio is not just carnival, nightlife and fantastic architecture, but it is also the perfect location for a quiet family vacation. This is mainly due to the wide range of children’s activities carried out throughout the summer (from May to October usually) and to the traditional italian seaside cousine which can be found in many tasty restaurants, such as Il Porto Restaurant, where you can eat the best fish dishes in the area, all rigorously fresh and freshly caught, while enjoying breathtaking views.